Thumbprint Reindeer Tags

I never seem to have enough gift tags when it comes to the holiday season, which leads, inevitably, to names scrawled on squares of gift wrap. It works, but it’s not my first choice when it comes to gift-wrapping. So this year I’ll be prepared with a pile of premade cards and tags, ready to make my gifts that much more special. This one will figure highly in the stack. Who can resist little fingerprints after all?

Things you’ll need:
Blank gift tags
Brown marker or stamp pad
Black marker
Red seed beads

Things to do:
1. Using the marker or stamp pad, coat the thumb of your little one with brown ink and press firmly in the middle of the tag near the bottom.
2. With a marker, draw in antlers, eyes and a holiday greeting.
3. Add a drop of glue and a seed bead to give the reindeer that red nose and allow the glue to dry before attaching the tag to a gift.

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  1. OMG… those are SOOOOO cute ) Think I might have to do some of these ) Theyre darned awesome!

  2. These beats those generic tags that you buy at the mall and grocery stores. Who doesnt love reindeers?! (and your drawings of them are cute too ) )