String and Circle Star Ornaments

Snowflakes and stars are always in fashion this time of year. And this projects turns simple string and paper circles into whimsical, wonderful versions of those beautiful symbols. Perfect for keeping the kids busy on a too-cold day, these ornaments can be scaled up or down depending on the size of your circle. But just be sure to cut out extras because these babies are addictive, you can’t make just one!

Difficulty level: Easy
Time required: 15 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Circle punch
Hole punch
Yarn or string

Things to do:
1. Punch out circles from your cardstock and then punch holes near the edge for hanging.

2. Cut six slits at even points around the circle.
3. Tape the end of your yarn on to the back side of the circle and then draw the yarn through one slit in the paper and then across the front to the slit opposite it. Repeat with the remaining slits.

4. Once you have you basic snowflake, you can either stop, trim the yarn and tape the other end to the back or you can continue threading yarn through different points to make different shaped stars.
5. When you have finished, cut a length of yarn and thread through the small hole, tying the ends to create a loop.

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