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String Art House Number Sign Tutorial

With some nails and string you can make a unique, rustic sign to display your house numbers on your porch or front of your home. You could also use this technique to make a plaque for showcasing other important numbers such as an anniversary or birth date.

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time required: 1 hour
Age range: 12+

Things you’ll need:
Rustic wood trunk slice
Rusty nails
Jute twine


Things to do:
1. Print off your house number from your computer. Use a font in a style that you like but also try to use one that makes your numbers nice and clear. A thicker font works well with this project.
2. Tape the number to the rustic wood trunk slice.
3. Hammer a few nails into each number. Try not to put too many in, as you don’t want it to be too crowded but also make sure you have enough to help the string to make the shapes nice and clear.
4. Rip off the paper.
5. Tie one end of some of the jute twine onto a nail on the first number. Slide your knotted string about half way up on the nail. As you add more layers you’ll need the room above it.
6. Wind the jute twine around one of the nails across from it. Then take it across from that one to another. Continue crossing up, down, and around in all directions. Make your pattern random, but be sure to outline each one.
7. When you like the way that you number is looking then knot it to one of the nails.
8. Trim off the excess jute twine from where you started and ended, but be careful not to cut it too close to the knot.
Repeat this process for each number, starting with a new piece of jute twine for each one. Then display your new sign!

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