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Spool Knitted Roving Hotpad

We are big fans of home made gifts in our house and I’m always on the hunt for things my kids can make for people. This DIY hotpad is two crafts in one and makes a great afternoon project that can become a cherished gift for a teacher or grandparent. While this project calls for wool roving, chunky yarn can be substituted. Fatter yarns or roving make the project go faster and create a thicker, more heat resistant hot pad.

Time required: 30 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy for an adult, moderate for a child

Things you’ll need:
Wool roving, here we have dyed the roving using our tutorial
DIY Spool Knitter
Yarn needle

Things to do:
1. Using our DIY Spool Knitter tutorial, knit a 24 inch piece of material with roving.

2. Once you have tied off the roving, roll the knitting into the beginning of a flat coil. Thread the tail of the knitting or a new piece of roving onto the yarn needle. Loop the roving through one of the inside loops as you coil and pull tight.
3. Continue to roll and stitch until you reach the end of the knitting. Secure the ends by weaving them into the fabric of the hotpad. Trim any excess ends.

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