Small Speaker Box with a Little Mod Podge and Love

Growing up, I listened to books on tape every night in my childhood bedroom on my huge stereo. My kids have inherited my love for stories at bedtime and over the years we’ve been through a number of different CD players for them. When the last one died from a little too much use (and a few too many oops, I dropped it!” moments) I decided to take a different tactic. Most of the stories they listen to were now coming in as MP3 files from sites like Storynory and from purchases from iTunes and Audible and we’d been through many a burned compact disk. Instead of continuing on this route, we switched to an MP3 player and a small set of speakers. Which is great. Except it’s small, easily dropped and not terribly attractive. As a solution I created this hanging speaker box for their room. The removable lid makes it easy for me to get inside and start a playlist and the height and wall mounting keep it out of their little hands. Perfect.

Things you’ll need:
Heavy cardboard box with a removable lid
Drill and small drill bit
Spray paint
Scrapbook paper
Modge Podge
Small speakers
MP3 player
Small piece of scrap wood (about 1/4 inch thick)
Short handled screwdriver

Things to do:
1. First you’ll need to create some holes in the box to let the sound out. Either using something circular as a guide or freehand, drill about 20 holes on one side of the box. Dust or sand off any rough spots from the drilling.
2. Spray paint the entire box to cover any markings and to smooth the look of the surface. Use the scrapbook paper to cover the lid (just like wrapping a gift. Coat both the lid and the box with Modge Podge to seal.
3. Center the scrap of wood on the back of the box and drill two pilot holes through the wood and the box.
4. Use the wood as a guide and drill a set of matching holes in the wall. Insert anchor mounts if necessary
5. Screw the box to the wall with the wood in between the wall and the box (this will make getting the top on and off easier)
6. Nestle the speakers into the box and connect the MP3 player. Close the lid and listen away!

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