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Skinny Felt Trees

These tall, skinny felt trees are a little addicting, I’ll warn you. You see, you’ll make a few, whip them out really, because they are so simple, and then you’ll put them up on your shelf or mantle or desk and think, humm, those are cute, wouldn’t it be nice if I had a few more over there? Yes, yes it would, and on it will go, until you run out of felt or space. When you buy felt for this project, squares wont do. You need more length then they can give you unless you want to make very small trees. And while you will want to make a few small ones, you’ll want tall ones too, so it’s best to get felt by the yard. You will probably also want to opt for at least two, and probably three colors of felt that coordinate with each other and with your other Christmas decor. While I’ve opted for reds and grays here, with a few done from patterned cotton thrown in for kicks, don’t limit yourself to traditional Christmas colors, hot pink and lime green or snowy white and icy blue would look fantastic.

Things you need:
Felt Squares
Heavy duty thread in coordinating colors
Sewing needle
Fabric Scissors
Fabric Pencil
Zip-close plastic baggies

Things you do:
1. Start by making your largest trees. Decide how tall you want them to be and then add two inches. Draw an isosceles triangle using this height measurement as the centerline of the triangle and with a bottom width of half the height.
2. Cut out the triangle and fold in half lengthwise. Sew, using a whip stitch, up the side of the triangle.
3. Turn the Cone right side out and fill 3/4 of the way full with batting.
4. Fill a baggie with enough rice to almost fill the cone the rest of the way.
5. Draw the bottom of the cone closed using a running stitch that you pull tightly to bring the end together. Tie off and tuck the end up into the cone a little. The rice will help weigh down the cones so that they wont tip.
6. Repeat this process using roughly the same proportions but changing the height to vary the size of the finished tree. These look best in groups of three, but I bet you’ll make more!

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