Sewing Pattern Weights with Washers

If you do a lot of sewing, you know that one of the most tedious parts is pinning the pattern onto fabric. It’s time consuming and sometimes frustrating. If you are adept at wielding a rotary cutter, you may want to consider switching to pattern weights when you cut out your sewing projects. And with this project it’s easy to whip up as many as you need.

Things you’ll need:
Fabric Scraps, at least twice as large as your washers
Washers, at least 1 inch in diameter, and in sets of three or four
Thread and needle
Pinking shears

Things to do:
1. Set your washers onto your fabric scraps and cut circles that are about twice a big around (or more) as the washers using the pinking shears.

2. Place a stack of three or four washers into the center of the circles and draw the fabric together tightly. Mark where you need to gather the fabric with your needle.

3. Sew a running stitch all around at this point and the draw slightly tight to create a pocket. Settle your washers inside and draw tight, locking with a few more stitches.

4. Tie a length of ribbon around the gather and finish with a bow.

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