Scribble Art

If you have a budding artist in your house, you probably have plenty of scribbled on paper hanging around. Turn those scribbles into treasured art for the grandparents this holiday season with this fun project.

Things you’ll need:
Scribbed paper
Patterned or solid colored cardstock
Spray glue
Stencil or template (animals are a great choice!)

Things to do:
1. Using your stencil or template, trace your shape onto the backside of the scribbled paper, centering it so that the entire shape will be covered in color.
2. Cut carefully along the lines so that your edges are smooth.
3. Spray a thin coat of glue onto the back side of the scribble shape and smooth onto your cardstock. Trim the paper to an even size and frame.

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  1. Nice art.Great share! I hope more people discover your blog because you really know what youre talking about. Cant wait to read more from you!

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