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Scrappy Washi Tape Tree

I’m not generally a fan of bulk bought holiday cards since I prefer to make them myself and I like to have a few options up my sleeve when it comes down to the actual card making so I can tailor them a bit to my recipients. This Washi Tree is a fast, fun and festive and would look just as fabulous adorning a gift as is does on a card. Cute, cute, all around!

Difficulty level: Easy
Time required: 5 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Washi tape in holiday colors including Star Washi Tape
Cardstock or blank card

Things to do:
1. The key to making this scrappy washi tree work is to not overthink it. Don’t try to get super straight lines, don’t try to make them all angle evenly, just have fun! Starting near the bottom of the card smooth down a strip of washi that almost reaches the side of the card, making sure the cut ends are squared off.

2. Smooth down more lengths of washi, each a little shorter than the last, at slight angles to the first, overlapping in places here and there.
3. Continue to lay down shorter and shorter pieces of washi to for the tree until you are near the top of the card. Cut out a length of the Star Washi so you have a single star and top the tree with it. Use another piece of darker washi to make a trunk at the bottom. Make sure all edges are square and the tape is smoothly pressed down.

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