Rocketship Clothespin Magnet Holder

This rocket memo holder is a great way to display works of art or memos on your fridge! Just follow these simple steps to launch into this fun project!

Things you’ll need:
Spray paint (silver and gold)
Newspaper (for the spray-paint mess)
Wood clothespins
Small wood star
Felt square
Permanent marker
Magnet strip
Hot glue gun

Things to do:
1. Lay your wooden star and clothespin on newspaper and spray with desired spray paint. Let dry.
2. Cut out a tiny triangular rocket tip and two even smaller rocket launchers out of felt.
3. Glue the rocket tip to the end of your clothespin where you pinch it to open and close it.
4. Glue your star to the opposite end.
5. Glue your felt rocket launchers right above your star.
6. Decorate your rocket however you like! Add windows, your name, patterns, etc.
7. Flip your rocket over and glue a magnetic strip onto the back.
8. Hang your rocket on the fridge to hold memos and works of art.

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