Ribbon Scrap Flip Flops

I have a hard time tossing out those end pieces of ribbon that are left over from my various craft projects. So as a result, I have tons of almost empty ribbon spools in my ribbon box, just waiting for a project that requires only a few inches of ribbon. This flip-flop decoration project is the perfect way to use up all those ribbon ends, and to dress up those plain, boring old sandals (Hint! Little girls love these!)

Things you’ll need:
Ribbon, various colors
Pinking shears or fray check

Things to do:
1. Wrap the shank of the flip-flops a couple of times and then bring the ribbon up to the V” and tie in a knot.
2. Cut ribbon into 5-6 inch lengths and tie in knots along the straps of the flip-flops, sliding them toward the V” as you work so that they are densely packed together.
3. Once the straps are covered, trim all of the ribbon to 3/4 of an inch with pinking shears or use scissors and a dab of fray check to stop the ribbon from unraveling.

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  1. What about the boys and their flip flops? Any ideas for them? Thank you! Girls will be happy this summer…smiles.