Ribbon Paper Plate Prettiness

I love to bake and gift holiday cookies, but when it comes time to deliver them, I always seem to have forgotten to pick up cute little gift boxes and tins and end up passing out my goodies on plain old paper plates. Well not any more! This project turns those plain plates into pretty little packages.

Things you’ll need:
Paper plates
Hole punch
1/2 inch ribbon

Things to do:
1. With the hole punch, make twelve evenly spaces holes around the rim of the plate, about 1/2 inch in from the edge.
2. Thread the ribbon in and out of the hole until both tails meet on the top side of the plate.
3. Tie the tails into a bow and load up with goodies!

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  1. Liked the paper plate simplicity. You could fix two plales together flying saucer style to make a container .