Retro Paper Ornaments

I have a fantasy, an impractical fantasy I’ll admit, of having a totally retro tree one year for Christmas, vintage ornaments, white feather tree, crazy glass tree topper, the whole shebang. Since I have a lifetimes worth of ornaments already, that’s probably not going to happen, but I can dream, and I can make a bunch of these vintage looking paper ornaments to go with the mish mash I do have.

You can use any sturdy paper for these, so go crazy, or tailor it to your color scheme, and make them as big or small as you like. The sky’s the limit. How wide or narrow they are depends on how much of a difference in length the strips are. If your strips are only slightly larger than the last, the ornament will be narrow, if you have bigger differences in length, the ornament will be fatter.

Things you need:
Sturdy, but not stiff, paper
Paper cutter
Hole punch

Things to do:
1. For each ornament you’ll need seven strips all the same width (1 inch works well)
2. Cut one strip the height you want the finished ornament, this will be your center piece.
3. Cut the remaining strips in pairs, each set slightly longer than the last.
4. Sandwich the shortest strip between the two next shortest, with the ends even on one side. Clip with a clothespin to dry. Flip to the other end and pull the outer two out slightly so that the ends are even here too. Glue and clip to dry.
5. Continue to add strips in the same manner, working up in length.
6. With the last set of strips, allow the end of one piece on each end to have a 1/4 inch overhang. Fold this over to finish the edge and glue in place.
7. Punch a hole on one end thorough all the layers. String a piece of ribbon through to create a hanger.

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