Craft Travel: Crafting Retreats

For some people, relaxation might mean massage or yoga or a day on a sunny beach. Others might think all of those things are fine, but insist that a spacious craft room with deluxe tools and uninterrupted time to create is the essence of de-compressing from the stresses of daily life. If you belong to the latter group, look into a crafting retreat. With more and more people experiencing the pleasures of making things for themselves, more B&B’s and other locations are responding to the demand for creative retreats.

Blooming Escapes, offers craft retreats at Magnolia Ridge Hideway, located in Mt. Horeb, twenty minutes drive west of Madison, WI. A weekend retreat 2-night retreat package features beautifully appointed guest rooms, baskets of chocolate, continental breakfasts, and round the clock access to a 1,300 square foot studio fully stocked with crafting tools nestled in a quiet rural setting. You and your best crafting pals can arrange your own itinerary for a creative weekend in the country.

If an entire weekend away from family responsibilities isn’t in the cards this year, consider a craft day retreat. The Craft Retreat in Glendale, AZ offers 2 Saturday night crafting events each month from 6pm to midnight, dinner included. Hire a sitter and craft the night away! The Craft Retreat offers classes in mosaics, scrapbooking and pottery.

Photo Credit: The Craft Retreat
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