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Quick and Easy No-Sew Tutu Dress

I can’t wait to share today’s project with you! If you have a little girl or even know a little girl, you might just be scooping up some tulle for yourself once you see how easy this no – sew tutu dress really is! Let’s get started…

Things you’ll need:
3 – Tulle spools (you can use as many or as few colors as you would like, but you do need three 6″ x 25 yard spools and possibly more depending on how large you need it.)
Ribbon – Organza or Satin would work at least 3/4″ wide

Things to do:
1. Hold tulle against your model folding in the middle, cut once you have the desired length even on both sides. Use your first cut piece as your guide for cutting the rest of your tulle until you’ve cut an entire spool. Do this for each additional spool.
2. Now take your ribbon and wrap it around your model making a knot on each side of the ribbon where they meet up in the back. This will be your guide for starting and stopping when knotting your tulle. Leave plenty of ribbon on either side of these knots for tying on later.
3. Tip: Tie your ribbon onto the back of a chair with the knots facing you, this will keep the ribbon tight and make it much easier to knot the tulle. Now you will begin knotting the tulle by taking two or three pieces at a time ( you can mix colors you make a pattern with your colors it’s really up to you. I chose to make a pattern), folding them in the middle. Make a loop with the middle on the front of the ribbon and bring the bottom pieces up behind the ribbon and through the loop, pulling it tightly on the bottoms to make a smaller knot at the top. Continue this with each group until you have made knots from your start on the ribbon to your finish on the ribbon.

4. Wrap this around your model and tie into a bow with your remaining ribbon in the back. ( if you want a more uniform look you could cut along the bottom on the dress to make the tulle even at this time )
5. Shoulder Strap Option: Simply keep 3 pieces of tulle extra for each shoulder and tie basic knots with them onto your tulle dress in the front and the back once it is on your model. Cut the excess tulle off.

These dresses would make great birthday party dresses, flower girl dresses that are perfect for any summer wedding (think cool, airy, and inexpensive!), or you could cut your tulle shorter and make them into skirts for costumes, dress up and anything else you can think of!

Happy Crafting!
Lisa from Lisa’s Creative Niche

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