Primitive Decor: Rusty Tin Bell Wreath

There’s nothing quite like the sound of jingle bells to remind you that it’s Christmas time, which makes a jingle bell wreath the perfect way to decorate your front door this winter that way every time you open the door, the tinkling will remind you of the season. This wreath uses rusty tin bells which will continue to age nicely as it graces your door though the winter weather and will look charming with any decor.

Things you need:
1 bag of 3/4 inch rusty tin jingle bells
3 inch Rusty tin bells
3 feet of 18 gauge Rusty tin wire
Needle nose pliers
2-3 inch wide ribbon, – about a yard

Things to do:
1. Thread on bell onto one end of the wire and push it 1-1/2 inches up from the end. Bend the wire up and around to secure the bell in place, leaving a tail free to connect the other end once the wreath is finished.
2. Starting at the other end, begin threading bells onto the wire one at a time, allowing the bells to stack, working them down as tightly as possible so that they surround and almost hide the wire.
3. Continue to thread and stack until you have filled up about 2-1/2 feet of wire. Loop the wire around into a wreath shape and thread the end of the wire through the loop created with the first bell. Wrap tightly and trim the wire.
4. With the remaining piece of wire, tie together the two larger bells and wire them onto the wreath to cover the join.
5. Slip the middle of the ribbon under the larger bells and tie a large bow just to the side for a splash of color.

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