Pinecone Hide-a-Key

Having a spare key at your house is one of those things that we should all do, because you really never know when you might need it in an emergency. But where to hide the key is always a problem, because of course, it has to be safe, and at the same time you have to be able to find it when you need it. Here’s a quick little project that uses materials you have around the house to create an easy to hide, easy to find hide-a-key.

Things you’ll need:
E6000 glue
Pinecones or river rocks
Empty pill bottle

Things to do:
1. Soak any labels off of the medicine bottle. A clear brown bottle works best because it blends into the soil color.

2. Add a generous amount of glue to the bottom of the bottle and press the pinecone into place.
3. Slip the key inside and attach the lid, bury, lid down in the ground in a handy place so that only the pinecone shows.

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  1. Use epoxy rather than hot glue or craft glue. In extreme climates- Hot/cold the pinecone comes off the bottle.

  2. would also would work with rocks, if your yard has more oh those then pinecones.