Pin Cushion Jar

I use jars a lot in my craft space. They are an excellent, inexpensive and easy to use storage solution for all the little bits that we like to create with. They are especially useful in sewing, the perfect way to contain buttons, snaps, spools of thread and lengths of trim. So adding a pincushion to the top of one (or more) of my jars just made good sense.

Things you’ll need:
Wide mouth canning jar with ring and lid
Cotton fabric, about a 12 x 12-inch piece
Glue gun and glue sticks

Things to do:
1. Cut a piece of fabric about 2-inch larger all around than the flat lid from your jar.
2. Pull a large wad of batting out of your stash, about twice the size of the lid. Place this in the center of the fabric.
3. With the lid squarely in the center of the batting, start pulling the sides of the fabric in, tightly but not overly so, and attaching to the underside of the lid with a dot of glue. You don’t want too much excess fabric or glue so try to attach it close to the edge and trim off any excess fabric as needed.
4. Work around the edge of the lid, checking that the top has an even bulge as you go, until the fabric is secure.
5. Cut a circle just smaller than the lid and glue it in to cover the trimmed edges of fabric.
6. Insert the lid into the ring and screw into place.

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