Peanut Heart Wreath for Birds

It’s easy to remember to feed the birds when the weather is nice outside, but it’s during the coldest months of the year that they need special attention to help them through the winter. This Peanut heart wreath is a fun way to give something to the birds and cheer up your winter landscape at the same time.

Things you need:
Bag of shell on, unsalted peanuts
Coat hanger
Needle Nose Pliers


Things to do:
1. Open up your hanger and straighten it out as much as possible. Clip off the hook end and the corresponding twist at the other end.
2. At the center of the remaining piece of wire, create a loop by crossing the wires over.
3. Using your hands, ease the sections on either side of the loop into the tops of a heart.
4. Clip the ends to make sure they are even and bend the final 1/2 inch up to make a hook.
5. Unbend the hook on one side and thread the peanuts onto the wire, working the wire through at the center indent of each peanut. Turn each peanut as you thread it on to nestle tightly against the previous one.
6. Once you have filled on side, bend the hook back up to hold them in place.
7. Repeat with the other side.
8. Slip one hook into the other to lock the two sides together and create the heart
9. Thread the piece of ribbon through the loop and tie off for hanging.

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