Patterned Binder Clips

Not long ago, I received a package of binder clips as a gift, which sounds like a very odd gift, I know. But since these binder clips were patterned and pretty darn cute, I loved them. That’s why I set out to make my own DIY version, and now, you can too (Perfect for the new grad! Hint Hint!)

Things you’ll need:
Binder clips
Washi tape or patterned duck tape
Sharp scissors

Things to do:
1. Cut a strip of tape slightly wider than the binder clip and with a nice clean edge. Pull the silver tabs forward off the clip base.
2. Slip the straight edge under the curled lip of the clip on one side. Smooth the tape along sides and top. Press the tap into the curled edge on the opposite side of the clip to mark, then pull up and cut cleanly along the marked line. Smooth back down.
3. Trim away the excess along the sides with the scissors.

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