Paper Star Door Garland

I love garlands during the holidays. They brighten up the mantel and look fantastic on railings, banisters and around exterior doors. On interior doors however, they often seem to get in the way. So instead of a traditional garland for doors, try these little miniature garlands meant to hang straight down the center of the door. They can be as long or as short as you like (hint* if you have kids or cats, make sure they stop higher than they can reach or the garlands wont last long!) and can really be any shape. This mini garland uses simple origami stars to brighten up an otherwise un-Christmas-y door!

Things you need:
Origami paper in Christmas colors and prints
Bone Folder

Things to do:
1. Keeping the colored side out, fold your paper corner to corner and crease. Repeat with the other corners. Next fold the square in half with the color in. Bring the triangles with the middle crease in and the top down to form a large triangle.
2. Fold one wing of the triangle into the center to form the first point”. Flip the triangle over and fold one of the wings opposite the first point” over.
3. Fold the outer wing up, opening the crease slightly, to form the second and third point”.
4. Bring the remaining wing over and fold partially back to form the fourth and fifth point”.
5. Fold the remaining stars. Lay the ribbon out on a flat surface. Glue the stars at intervals along the ribbon.
6. Using a flat thumbtack or heavy-duty tape, attach the end of the ribbon to the top of the doorjamb so that the garland hangs down the center of the door.

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