Paper Scrap Rainclouds

I live in rain country, truly. Rain is our winter staple (and sometimes our summer, spring and fall staple as well) but that doesn’t mean that rainclouds are persona non grata. Not at all. In fact, we like happy little rain clouds here, especially when they are accompanied by colorful raindrops”! These little paper rainclouds are a fun addition to your decor, adding a little sparkle and color burst to grey, rainy days!

Difficulty level: Easy
Time required: 20 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Paper scraps in different colors
Larger scraps or sheets of sparkly or shiny cardstock
Bakers twine
Glue stick

Things to do:
1. Using your scissors and the larger pieces of paper, cut out a rain cloud shape.

2. Attach three or four pieces of bakers twine to the back of the cloud using glue.
3. Glue paper scraps, trimmed into whatever small shapes you like, along the strings, finishing with a final scrap at the tail.
4. Hang your cloud and enjoy!

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