Spreading Our Holiday Cheer this Year by Donating – See the Reactions

We had over 2,000 coloring books, pencil cases, and erasers to donate. We narrowed our choices down after our first appearance on our local news station, WDTN. It was very hard to choose from the many request we received, but we finally narrowed it down for kid’s in Afghanistan, Children’s Medical Center, and a native American Indian reservation. We are already looking for items to be donated next year and we hope we get can continue the gift giving. Do you know of a charity or know of a group that is in need? Please let us know!

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Ribbons and Bows – How to make a Tuxedo Bow

Learn how to create the tuxedo bow at Martha Stewart Weddings. The tuxedo bow is such a simple and classic bow. It is perfect for any gift or even a hair accessory such as a headband or hair clips!

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Ribbons and Bows – How to make Ribbon Roses

Ribbon roses are very easy to make once you learn the technique. Ribbon roses can be used for a variety of things such as gift wrapping, and to embellish hats. You can also add ribbon roses to wedding bouquets, chair backs, and party favors for your special event. They make pretty clothing accessories and perfect embellishments for hairpieces.

1. To begin making your ribbon rose, select a wire-edged ribbon of your choice. Cut off approximately 22″ in length from your ribbon. You can cut more off to make a bigger and fuller rose or use less for smaller and petite roses. Knot one end of your ribbon strip.
ribbon_roses22. Next, grab one of the wires edge at the opposite end of the knot and slowly pull the wire out, creating loose ruffles and gathering the ribbon down to the knot.
3. Keep gathering the entire ribbons edge until it is ruffled and curly in nature. Remember to leave the loose wire end free and do not cut off.
ribbon_roses34. To start shaping your rose, begin wrapping the ruffled ribbon around the knot. Make sure that you wrap the ruffled ribbon tighter at the beginning to create a “bud.” As you continue wrapping the ruffled ribbon around the knot and have create your bud, begin wrapping more loosely so that you create your open rose shape. Tip*** Wrap the ruffles loosely for an open rose and tightly for a rose bud.
ribbon_roses45. Once you are finished wrapping the ribbon around creating your rose shape, fold the loose end down and pull it towards the gathered part of the rose (the bottom of the rose). Take the loose wire and wrap it around the bottom of the rose very tightly. Cut off the excess wire when you are finished. Finally, play around with the rose, adjusting the “petals” by ruffling and scrunching until you are satisfied.

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Santa Spoon Handmade Ornament

santa_spoon3Here is a fun and simple project even the kid’s could do! Create handmade ornaments that could be used every year.

Things you will need:
1 – Wood Spoon
1 – White Felt Square
1 – Rusty Tin Star or anything other embellishment you would like to use
1 – Dish Towel
1 – Unfinished Wood Furniture Button
Flesh Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Black Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Creamy Peach Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
St. Nick-O-Locks Doll Hair
Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate Tacky Glue
Paint Brushes and Accessories

1. Take your wooden spoon and paint the “scoop section” of the spoon with the Flesh Apple Barrel acrylic paint and let dry. ***Tip*** You can also mix the Flesh Apple Barrel paint with white Apple Barrel paint for a lighter tone. Just add small amounts of white acrylic paint until desired color.
2. Paint the unfinished wood furniture button with the Flesh Apple Barrel acrylic paint. Let dry and set aside.
3. Next, cut the towel 4″ width by 12″ height . Wrap the towel length wise around the wooden spoon and glue the edges together with the Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate Tacky glue .
4. Cut one 3/4″ width by 4″ length strip and one 1″ width by 2″ length strip from the white felt square.
5. Glue the 3/4″ width by 4″ length felt strip at the bottom of the towel and glue the 1″ width by 2″ length felt strip on the top of the towel. Glue on any embellishments you desire ( we used the small rusty tin star).
6. Glue on the painted furniture button on as Santa’s nose.
7. Paint on eyes with the black Apple Barrel acrylic paint. Paint the end of the Santa’s nose and rosy cheeks with the Creamy Peach Apple Barrel acrylic paint.
8. Finally, wrap the St. Nick-O-Locks doll hair around your hand about 6 times (more depending on the fullness desired), then slip off your hand and cut each end of the bundle. Carefully glue the beard onto the spoon right beneath Santa’s nose.


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Spreading Our Holiday Cheer this Year by Donating

We had over 2000 coloring books, pencil cases, and erasers to give away, but we had no one to give them to. We emailed our local news at WDTN to see if we could get any responses from their viewers. Jim Bucher stated he has never seen such a response in his 25 years of being at the news station. Jim’s voicemail was completely full, which held 50 messages, and he received over 75 emails! We weren’t expecting such a response and wish we could have helped everyone that was in need. We have narrowed it to groups. I will post an update blog so that you can see the reactions and the delivery of the gifts! We hope this will become an annual event and we have already started looking for things to donate next year! Do you know of a charity or know of a group that is in need? Please let us know!

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Ribbon and Bows – How to make a Medallion Bow

The medallion bow is simple to make and resembles the first prize ribbon… to learn how to make this awesome bow check out Martha Stewart Weddings.

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Christmas Craft Project – Mr. and Mrs. Claus Clothespin Doll Handmade Ornaments

santa_and_mrs_clothespins To add that special touch to your holiday season, add these cute Santa and Mrs. Claus clothespin handmade ornaments to your tree. These wooden clothespins doll ornaments are super easy to make. They require no hemming or sewing and you can use those bits of fabrics that are laying around the house. Check out Martha Stewart’s how-to

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Our Acrylic Ball Ornaments Get Their Debut in the Production of “The Frogs”

Our acrylic ball ornaments can be used for a variety of things. We have seen our acrylic ball ornaments used for Lady Gaga Halloween costumes, ornaments for the holiday season, and gift card holders. Now our acrylic ball ornaments have made their debut in the production of “The Frogs” at Marist school in Atlanta, Georgia. Marist school used the acrylic ball ornaments for the frog’s eyes! Very cool!





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Christmas Craft Project – Button Wreath Handmade Ornament

Create a simple and creative Christmas wreath using buttons. You can use theme colored buttons to create wonderful little button wreaths. This is also a fun and easy craft project for kids to do as well because each button wreath they make will be unique. You could make smaller wreaths for gift packages, holiday favors and place settings, or even napkin ring holders. Check out Martha Stewart’s how-to

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Create Ornaments from Old Shirts and Styrofoam Balls – As seen on HGTV

We were contacted by HGTV in September for a few basic craft supplies for their holiday special that would be aired in December.
December 6, 2009 8:00 pm EST HGTV aired Celebrity Holiday Homes featuring Kathie Lee Gifford and her style-wise designer Eddie Ross. His fresh and festive ideas transformed Kathie Lee’s house into a holiday wonderland with simple handmade ornaments. Eddie Ross saves consumers a trip to the fabric store with his simple no-sew ornaments from old shirts.
Things you will need:
Old shirts (go ahead… clean out that closet!)
Styrofoam Balls (whatever size you have in mind)
Straight Pins
Floral Wire

1. Sort through your closet and find the patterns that will best with your holiday theme.

2. To guarantee that you get the most fabric out of you old shirt be sure to cut off all the seams, including the collar and cuffs.

3. After cutting off the seams, lay out the remaining fabric and place one of the styrofoam balls on it (whichever size you decided on) to see how big of a strip you will need to cover the ball. Cut the fabric this length so that you have a big strip.

4. Next, take your strip that you just cut, fold the strip lengthwise four times and cut different widths.

5. Take one strip and pin it to the styrofoam ball using one of the straight pins to ensure that it stays in place. Pull the fabric strip tightly and pin the other end using another straight pin. Repeat this process until your styrofoam ball is covered.

6. Finally, use the floral wire so that you can hang your fabric ornaments to a garland, wreath, or even your tree!

Photo Credits:
HGTV Celebrity Homes: Holiday Decorating From the Stars
Eddie Ross

Ps. You can see the show again
December 13, 2009 5:00 PM EST
December 24, 2009 6:00 PM EST
December 25, 2009 11:00 AM EST

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