No-Sew Felt Christmas Candy Ribbon Tutorial

Perfect for little ones to join in the fun, create these retro inspired Candy Ribbon ornaments from felt.

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time required: 10+ minutes
Age range: 8+

Things you’ll need:
Hot glue gun and glue sticks or
Craft glue
Some type of ribbon, string or wire to create hook

Things to do:
1. Cut out three rectangular strips of felt, equal in size. We used two strips of green, and one of white, to create the white stripe down the middle.
2. Layer your pieces of felt and glue them together securely, making sure that the edges are sealed together. Tip: This craft is great for kids, however, if they are young they may need assistance with the hot glue steps if you are not using craft glue.
3. Create your rippled look, by scrunching your felt together as pictured here. Glue the inbetweens together at the ends of the sections, so that you have the space in the middles to create your ribbon candy effect.
4. If you wish to create a hanging ornament you can now add the addition of a hook, or string. This step could also be completed during step 2, when you are gluing your felt together.

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