Nautical Family Flag with Felt Squares!

Made from basic shapes these flags can be easily assembled from felt and strung or stitched into a banner (this is a great project for kids with good scissors skills too!). And it’s a great way to brighten up your house during the dark winter months.

Things you need:
Felt squares in red, black, yellow, white and navy or royal blue (you need more white than the other colors)
Craft glue
Sewing machine (or ribbon and needle and thread)

Things to do:
1. Take a look at the nautical flag alphabet and print out the letters you need for your name or message.
2. Measure and cut a 4×4 square of white felt for each letter you need plus and extra for each end and between any words.
3. Stitch the squares together, feeding them one at a time through the sewing machine and allowing a few stitches between each. Alternatively you can hand stitch each square to the ribbon.
4. Cut out the shapes required to form each letter. Leaving the first and last square and any squares between words blank, glue the shapes onto the white squares to create the letters.
5. String across the top of a door, the mantle of just along the wall to add a little spunk to your winter decor. (hint, this would make a great addition to a nautical themed kids room!)

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