Mosaic Decorative Balls with Styrofoam Balls

Pssst… want to be let in on the best-kept secret among crafters? Styrofoam! In every serious crafter’s bag of tricks, you’ll find loads of it. Prized for its versatility and durability, Styrofoam is at the heart of more crafts than virtually any other material. Perfect for drizzly spring days, this styrofoam ball craft is fun for the whole family, and can be whipped up in no time.

Things you need:
4″, 5″ or 7″ Styrofoam balls
Ceramic Tile Adhesive
Rubber Scraper
Lightweight Spackle (or grout)
Mosaic pieces, such as broken china, ceramic tiles, or mosaic tile mirrors
Tile Nippers
Eye Protection
Old towel
Work Gloves
Soft rag for polishing

Things to do:
1. Wrap tiles, mirror, or china plate in a heavy towel and whack with a hammer. Unwrap and check piece sizes between each blow. You also use small mirrors already made for mosaic art, which will cut out a step. Use the styrofoam ball as a guide to determine the ideal piece size.
2. After your pieces are sized, slip into your safety goggles and work gloves. Use the tile nippers to fine-tune the pieces.
3. Coat half of the styrofoam ball with the ceramic tile adhesive, and arrange the mosaic pieces to suit your style. Be sure to leave a grout line between each piece. When thoroughly dry, repeat the process with the remaining half.
4. Mix the spackling according to instructions. Use the spatula to spread the spackling on the surface of the ball, being sure to push between the pieces.
5. After the spackling has set, use a damp sponge to remove the excess and polish with a soft rag.

When completing this craft with children, be sure to protect little fingers from shards and sharp pieces. Use coins, discarded game pieces, pretty rocks, tokens, buttons, washers, discarded keys, or even beans instead of glass and tile.

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