Make a 3D Person Using Pipe Cleaners – Pipe Cleaner Crafts

pipe_cleaner_personLearn how to create a 3D person using pipe cleaners and this simple step-by-step instructional video! For this pipe cleaner craft project you will need four craft pipe cleaners of your color choice, a pencil, and something thicker than a pencil like a marker.
1. You will first take one pipe cleaner to create the torso, take the pipe cleaner and bend it in half. You will then grab the top of the pipe cleaner and twist it so that it has a loop at the top. Twist it down about half way so that there are two ends of the pipe cleaner still there, these will later become your 3D persons’ legs.
2. Next you will take a second pipe cleaner and wrap this one around a pencil, creating a tight coil, this will make the 3D torso. You will then take the coiled pipe cleaner and slide it up the two “legs” of the person all the way up to the loop that you made in step one.
3. To make the arms of your pipe cleaner 3D person, you will then take another pipe cleaner and put it through the neck of the person and twist each end around a bit so that it will not move anywhere. Make sure that the arms are aligned with the legs of the pipe cleaner 3D person. Coil each of the arms, making loops are each end, these will be your 3D persons’ hands.
4. You may now form the feet of your 3D person by twisting the ends of the pipe cleaner and leaving loops at the end like you did the hands.
5. Take the remaining pipe cleaner and your marker. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the marker. Wrap the pipe cleaner over itself, take it off the marker, then form it to create a spherical shape. This will be the head of you 3D pipe cleaner person. Take the head and put it on the top loop and twist it off so that it stays in place. And now you have created your very own 3D pipe cleaner person! You could glue on googly eyes or small pompoms as eyes to add personality to your 3D pipe cleaner person!

This video and any provided information are purely instructional. We are not liable from any events during the completion of the project, nor make any guarantees on the final state of the said project. This video is copyright of eHow.

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