Lollypop Tree

These lollypop trees are so much fun for a child’s birthday party or a special event. They are perfect for displaying the special treat at the end of the meal while decorating the table in a fun and festive way. My kids were practically begging for me to finish it so that they could pick out their first treat. For a larger “tree” use a bigger Styrofoam ball and flowerpot, and offset the weight of the suckers with a rock in the bottom of the pot before attaching the ball to the rim.

Things you’ll need:
Lollypops (lots!)
Styrofoam Ball
Craft glue

Things to do:
1. Apply a bead of glue around the top of the flowerpot and press the Styrofoam ball onto it. Allow the glue to dry.

2. Cut the stick on each of the lollypops in half with the scissors.

3. Starting at the top, press the sticks of the lollys into the Styrofoam, fitting them in between gaps not too tightly, but enough to make a nice “tree,” continuing until you have covered the entire ball.

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