Light Up Your Life with Upcycled Bottle Lamps

wine_bottle_lampWhen you upcycle wine bottles into unique and functional lamps, you’ll enjoy your favorite vintage long after the last drop has been poured. You had lots of fun emptying the bottles, and now you can bask in the glow of fond memories. These nostalgic mementos are so simple to make, you’ll never recycle another wine bottle again.

Things you need:
Wine or champagne bottle with large base
Cork Bottle Lamp Adapter Kit
Utility Knife
Lampshade harp

Things to do:
To make, simply insert the cork bottle lamp adapter kit into the wine bottle, add a bulb and shade, and voila! Keep in mind that the kit, shade, and bulb will make the bottle top heavy, so be sure to choose a bottle with a substantial base to prevent tipping.

Upcycled bottle lamps are the ideal height for desktop task lighting, and will cast a warm glow on countertops, buffets, and side tables. They’re perfect for your vintage-inspired decor, or for any space that’s calling for a touch of chic refinement. Treat yourself to a wine bottle lamp, or make a pair for the vino enthusiast on your gift list. Cheers to you for discovering new ways to turn cast-offs into treasures!

Photo Credits: EJ Petty Foundations

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