Learn to Make Hair Bows – Loopy Hair Bow

loopy_hair_bowThings you need:
6 – 2-1/2ft of assorted ribbon (You will want to vary the ribbon widths, patterns, and material of ribbon for a fun bow)
34 gauge Wire
70mm Hair Barrette
Fray Check or Clear Fingernail Polish (You could also use a lighter)

Things to do:
1. This is the fun part! Pick six different kinds of ribbon of your choice. Play with the patterns, textures, colors and widths to make your hair bow fun and unique. Once you have cut your ribbons cut in 2-1/2ft sections, use Fray Check or clear fingernail polish on the ends to keep the ribbon from fraying. You could also use a lighter get the same results. Just be sure that you do not burn the ends or yourself. Once the ends are dry or cooled down, stack the ribbon on top of each other and keep them flush with each other. Use a clothespins to hold one end of the stacked ribbons together.
2. Carefully take the hair barrette apart so that you are able to work with it easier. Don’t worry everything will go back pretty easily once you have finished your bow. Set pieces aside.
3. Take the top part of the barrette and pin it to your ribbon using another clothespin. Be sure that the little prongs are facing away from the ribbon when you are pinning it. This clothespin is temporary and is only needed until you have wired the ribbon down, which is the next step.
4. Carefully but firmly begin wrapping your wire around the ribbon stack and one end of the hair barrette. Be sure when you are wrapping the wire to wrap inside of the little prongs. Leaving the prongs free will help when you are putting the barrette back together. Wrap the wire around the stack and barrette a few times until the stack feels firm and doesn’t move around. Do not cut the wire.
5. Hold the stack of ribbon in your hand and gather a small section to create a loop. Be sure that you are keeping the ribbon stacked neatly as you are doing this.
6. While your fingers are holding the loop tightly, bring the loose wire around and wrap around the stack again. Again, wrap the wire around the stack and barrette a few times until the stack feels firm and doesn’t move around. Do not cut the wire.
7. Create another loop. Make sure that your second loop is the same height as your first loop. Repeat the wiring instructions stated above. Continue creating and wiring loops of the stacked ribbon until you run our of ribbon and your entire barrette is covered. Remember to push the ribbon loops close together to create a more full bow.
8. Once you have reached the end of the barrette, wrap the end of the barrette tightly with the wire and cut the remaining wire off. Be sure to tie the end of the wire off so that does not unravel later. Push the loose end of the wire under the wrapped section so that it does not poke out. You can also add a dab of hot glue to the end to ensure that is does not come loose.
9. Put the barrette back together. Carefully separate the ribbon loops and fluff to your liking. You can also run the loose ribbon ends to a prettier points if you wish.

Project Notes:
Once you are comfortable with making the loopy hair bow, play! These instructions tell you how to make a specific size, once you are comfortable with the technique you can create different size bows.

Instead of using wiring, you may also use needle and thread. At the beginning you would thread your needle through the entire stack of ribbon at one end. Then stitch the thread through the hole of the barrette. Then wrap the thread around the ribbon stack and barrette just as would with the wire. Then use the wire instructions stated above but use your thread instead.

Once you have finished the bow completely you can cut some of the ribbon loops, making ribbon ends through the bow. You can also incorporate fun things such as small feather boas into the ribbon stack to add a little flare to your bow. You could also stick or glue on small rhinestones for a little glam. Have fun and be creative!

Photo Credit: My Couture Bebe

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    1. The ribbons are all in there from the beginning. When you choose your ribbon at the beginning, you can choose ribbon that is different textures, colors, and widths. The marabou can be added last, once you have put your barrette back together. Just simply cut small pieces of the marabou and glue in between the ribbons where you would like. Hope this helps. Please feel feel to write back if you have any other questions or concerns. Happy Crafting!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment. Yes, we will definitely consider doing a video for this in the near future! I think that would help many of our readers. Thanks for the suggestion!

  1. I was just wondering if you will post when you make instructional videos? I really love the loopy bows but can not find any videos on how to make them. I learn by seeing. Looking forward to the videos! =)

    1. You could try to use a pony tail holder instead of a barrette but I have not done this personally. So I would go ahead and say, try it why not. My only advice would be to maybe put your holder around something while you make your hair bow so that it’s a little more sturdy and you can more easily wrap the ribbon around the holder. And as with the barrette I would make sure you tie your loops very tightly. Best of luck and I would love to know how it worked out for you!

  2. OMGoodness I love the pink/zebra/black bow and thank you for the instructional on how to make one! Im going today to purchase my materials and make one for my 14 yr old daughter – who loves bows! Once complete, Ill try and post a picture on Facebook! Thank you!!!

  3. Hi. Wonderful information! Does it matter WHAT TYPE of ribbon to use? Do you recommend any particular type?Thanks and regards,Glenna

    1. Thats a good question Glenna, I would suggest using different lengths, widths, and patterns of grosgrain ribbon just because it is a more “sturdy” ribbon and would hold its shape more than other ribbons. But I would definitely recommend just trying different types of ribbon if you wanted, maybe you like a different look. Plus using small amounts of different ribbon types here and there within the bow wouldnt matter too much concerning its shape I wouldnt think if you wanted to add something different.

  4. Hi, I wanted to make this without the barrette. Any suggestions how to do it? I would use a small alligator clip but its too small to use it to gather up the ribbon like shown in the video.Regards and thanks!

  5. I love the bow,but my qyestion is where can you buy the wire on a spool like thread. Ihave cecked everywhere. I live in Oklahoma.

  6. I want to make this as a cute head band for my baby and I think the barret will be to hard to glue it to the head band any advise on what I can do it on?

    1. I think you could try wrapping everything around your headband instead of doing it around the barrette as the instructions state. Is your headband hard plastic or soft fabric?

    1. You can try using a feather type trim or ribbon and use is like you would a ribbon when making the bow. You could also try gluing small pieces of feathers on the ribbon towards the middle of the bow once you are finished. Either way would work.

  7. One day imma try to make this it sounded easy to make cause I been wanting to know how t O make stuff like this thanks