Leaf Print Window Charms

At the height of summer we are surrounds by growing things, lush and green, and there’s always a part of me that wants to hang onto those days for the colder months to come. This year I’m making a record of some of the daintier plants in my yard with these little window charms, perfect for reminding me of warmer days come winter.

Things you’ll need:
Air-dry clay (make your own!)
Rolling pin
Dowel rod or skewer
Cookie cutters or knife
Plant cuttings
Yarn, ribbon or baker’s twine

Things to do:
1. Pull off tablespoon sized chucks of clay and roll them into balls.

2. Roll out to a thickness of 1/4 inch and smooth the edges or cut with cookie cutters.
3. Gently lay the plants onto the clay, pressing gently to keep them in place, and then roll lightly over them with the rolling pin. You want to leave an impression but not press the leaves in so hard that they disappear into the clay.

4. Carefully pull the plants away from the clay and create a hole in the top with the dowel or skewer. Allow the charms to dry completely on a flat surface.

5. Thread baker’s twine (or yarn or ribbon) through the hole and hang in your window. Alternatively you can glaze these with polyurethane for a harder, waterproof finish.

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1 Comment

  1. Great idea. In the past I have bought little hearts made from scrap clay. They were like a little pillow, open on the top, were not glazed on the inside. You could put a few drops of essential oil inside to scent your bathroom, closet, car, anywhere you wanted a light scent. I would think this clay should work great for this idea.