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Lady Gaga’s Bubbles Costume with Acrylic Fillable Ball Ornaments

lady_gaga_costumeThe hottest Halloween costume for 2009 is Lady Gaga infamous “Bubble Dress” This costume is easy to make with simple acrylic ornaments! There are few things to do before making this bubble dress costume. First, you will need to order as many acrylic ornaments as you think you will need to completely cover a body suit. Be sure to account for both the front and back of the body suit from about the shoulders to just below the hip. Get at least 3 different sizes of the acrylic ornaments to get the best look. Buy a nude color body suit, black fishnet stockings, clear high heels, and a short blonde wig. You may want to try gluing the clear acrylic ornaments with a clear glue like super glue to insure that the acrylic ornaments won’t open while you are out and about. You can try sewing the ornaments with a needle and thread onto the nude body suit. Be sure to loop through several times to make sure the balls ornaments are secure to the body suit. If you can’t really sew or do not have the time you could also try using a clothing tag gun. The acrylic ornaments should be touching each other and completely covering the front, back, and both sides of the suit. Be sure to try on the body suit throughout the process so you will know where to leave room for your arms so that they may rest at your side comfortably. Finally, now that your acrylic ornaments are attached to your body suit, you are now ready to apply your make-up, fake eye lashes, and wig!

lady_gaga_costume2Oh and don’t forget to take your bubbles… you can blow bubbles at all your fans all night long!

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  1. So, Factory Direct Craft Sells these Bubble Ornaments? I want to be lady gaga!!!!!

    Oh Wait I just found them on your web site…. Super I am so excited and will be ordering right away… Thanks

  2. hi,i need these balls, how can i buy them? i wat to use these ball in my thesis dress……

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