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Poppy Hair Clips

These pretty little hair clips are the perfect antidote for the winter blahs with their bright color and fun button finish. Made of of red felt, they work well for Valentines day but can also be worn year round and are a great afternoon project!

Things you need:
Flower template
1 sheet of red felt and a scrap of gray or black felt
1 – Button
Pinking shears
Red or black thread and sewing needle
Hair clips

Things to do:
1. Cut out the template and use as a patterns to cut out the fabric pieces. The smallest piece should be cut out of the gray or black felt. Using pinking shears to cut the bumps makes this last piece easier.
2. Layer the pieces of the flower, finishing them with the button.
3. Thread your needle and sew through all the layers, including the button, to secure them in place.
4. Cut small slits on the back and slip the top of the clip in and out of the slits to attach it to the flower. Stitch around the edges of the clip to secure it in place or add a few drops of craft of hot glue under the widest part of the clip to make sure it stays put.
* This flower, sized up, would also make a great pin for a Valentines function or for anytime you need a hint of color to brighten your day!

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