Incredible Edible Candy Centerpieces with Styrofoam Balls


Candy centerpieces crafted from blue or pink taffy make adorable baby shower hostess gifts, while using Starlight Mints will add a festive touch to holiday tabletops. Use your imagination, and your taste buds, to come up with your own tasty creation. Use this creative styrofoam ball craft in your own home, or present them as treasured gifts. With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fast approaching, now is the time to get started on your handmade masterpieces. Learn how to make your own centerpieces at All You.

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    1. Straight pins still dont sound really safe when candies are meant to be edible. Could you not use icing on the styrofoam balls to stick the candy on?

  1. I was thinking that too… because it it is covered in spray paint that isnt edible either.I have seen this done with a head of lettuce, covered in plastic wrap and then use tooth picks.then it really is edible.

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