Ice Painting

When it’s hot outside and the kids are feeling bored, this is a fantastic afternoon project that combines a little lesson in color blending and a cooling art activity.

Things you’ll need:
Ice cube tray
Liquid food coloring

Things to do:
1. Fill the ice cube tray with water.
2. Using the food coloring, one drop at a time, let the kids experiment with different color combinations so that each cube will be a different color. Stir each cube well.
3. Set the tray in the freezer and, before closing the door, set a clothespin upright in the center of each cube compartment.
4. Freeze until solid.
5. Once frozen, pull each cube out and, holding the end of the clothespins for handles, paint away on the paper (* hint * if you are painting inside, set the paper in a cookie sheet to contain any drips!)

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  1. I work in a public library and have always wanted to try this. But does it stain clothes since the color is from food coloring? Does it stain the skin for days or wash off in their bath that night?

    1. This is a super fun project to do with little ones! Since it does involve food coloring, it is possible that it can stain clothes. So I would recommend having them wear an apron or some old clothing. The food coloring could also stain their hands but you could have them rub on some moisturizing cream beforehand to act as a good barrier. Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy crafting!

    2. You can do this with dried out washable markers too. A way to recycle them before tossing them in the trash.

  2. I dont know if it would stain clothing mixed with water, but last summer I let my boys decorate an old tshirt with bubbles tinted with food coloring (LOTS OF IT) and we were all sad when it washed completely clean. Perhaps had to do with being mixed with soap, but I havent had liquid food coloring stain. Gel colorings for buttercream for cakes, yes.

  3. Yes it will stain. It is very hard to get it off your hands. But if you decide to do this Id put my child in an apron.