Ice Cream Cone Play Prop

Making food sculpture is a great way to play with your food! I like this Ice Cream Cone Sculpture project because it’s easy to make and can be used as a prop for an impromptu play, decoration for a summertime celebration, or a fun work of art. Because this project is easy to assemble and dissemble, you can still use and reuse the stuffing for future projects as well. If you want to make your ice cream cone seem a bit more finished, you can also choose to glue the stuffing in place and add sequin sprinkles to the top. Want to add another layer to your ice cream cone? Older kids can spray paint their stuffing before assembling their ice cream cone to create different flavors of ice cream. Ice cream sculptures are a great way to stay cool this summer!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete: 5 minutes
Age range: 3+

Things you’ll need:
Red pipe cleaner
Brown paper bag

Things to do:
1. Start making your cone by twisting the bottom of your paper bag into a point.
2. Continue loosely twisting the rest of your paper bag up to the top.
3. Open the top of your bag so that it looks like an ice cream cone.
4. Twist your pipe cleaner into a round cherry shape with a tail on the end.
5. String the tail of your pipe cleaner cherry through your stuffing.
6. Work your stuffing into a ball shape, making sure that your cherry is sitting on top.
7. Place your stuffing in your paper bag cone, again, making sure that your cherry is on top.
8. Enjoy decorating, playing with, and admiring your Ice Cream Cone Sculpture!

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