How to Make Decorative Mum Pomander Balls

For most of my life, I associated mums with the giant, beribboned corsages that were a homecoming tradition at my high school. But last year I planted a few live specimens on either side of my garden gate and WOW. If fall was a flower, it has to be the bright, friendly mum. Since then I’ve planted a lot more mums in my garden and have started bringing their bold style into the house as well, starting with these mumballs.

Things you need:
Two bunches of artificial mums per ball
4″ styrofoam balls
Wire cutters

Things to do:
1. Begin by cutting each of the flowers off of the bunch, leaving about 1″ of stem attached to the flower.
2. Remove the hard collar at the base of the flower by sliding it off down the stem.
3. Push the stem firmly into the styrofoam ball. Continue inserting stems until the entire styrofoam ball is covered and no foam is visible.

These little balls can be set out on display, used in a centerpiece, piled into a basket or bowl or, using smaller 2″ styrofoam balls, attached to ribbons and tied around napkins for a pretty fall place setting.

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