How to Make a Springtime Floral Carrot ‘Wreath’

Spring has sprung! Spruce up your front door with this adorable floral carrot hanging wreath. Add a pop of fun color to welcome the warm weather, along with the Easter Bunny.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete: 1 hour
Age range: 12 and up

Things You’ll Need:

4 Bunches of Tulips

2 Weatherproof Maidenhair Fern Bush

Wired Ribbon of your choice

Green Paddle Wire

Wire Cutters


Things to do:

  1. Start by cutting the tulips from the bush

2. Bunch 3 of the flowers together, making one stick out a bit further from the other 2, as this will make the point of your carrot. Use your floral wire to wrap around the stems and secure the flowers together.

3. Continue wrapping bunches of 3 tulips with floral wire and adding onto existing flowers. This will help to build up your carrot.

4. Once you get to your desired length, it’s time for greenery! Start by fluffing it out and then cutting the majority of the stem off.

5. Place the greenery over the stems of the tulips. Wire the greenery around the stems and then cut off any extra tulip stems.

6. Get desired wired ribbon cut and ready to make your bow. Use the ribbon to personalize your piece. Make this yours! Use the wired ribbon to make fun spirals with the ends of your ribbon, simple wrapping it around for a fun finished look.

7. For ease of hanging, simply cut a small piece of floral wire and make a loop.

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