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How to Make a Pumpkin Vase with Fall Arrangement

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 30 minutes
Age range: 12 and up

Things you’ll need:
Pumpkin carving tools
Wire cutters
Orchid Purple Artificial Gerbera Daisy Bouquet
Purple Artificial Mum Bush
Fall Artificial Mum and Maple Bush
Artificial Sunflower Bush
Floral foam block

Things to do:
1. Using a knife, cut a circle around the top of the pumpkin stem. Discard the pumpkin stem.

2. Using your hands, remove the flesh from inside the pumpkin. You may also use a carving tool for this step, if you’d like.

3. Cut a piece of foam floral block that fits across the circumference of the bottom of the pumpkin. Place the foam on its side and push it into the pumpkin.

4. Lay the foam flat across the inside bottom of the pumpkin.

5. Using the wire cutters, cut away several stems of each flower you chose. Cut the stems longer, as you can always trim them down later if you need to.

6. Starting with the sunflowers, which will be the center of the arrangement, place three sunflowers in the center by pushing them into the foam block.

7. Next add your secondary flowers starting with the orchid purple daisies. These flowers should be trimmed to be shorter than the sunflowers.

8. Add a couple of purple mums to the arrangement, again making sure these flowers are trimmed a bit shorter than the sunflowers. You can also place the flowers into the foam block at an angle to get the right height.

9. Add fall mums to the arrangement, filling in where you see holes and continuing to vary the height of the flowers.

10. Add maple bush stems to give the arrangement some height in a couple of places. Continue to fill in holes as needed with the remaining stems.

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