How to Make a Grapevine Pumpkin Tutorial

Grapevine decorations are one of the heralds of fall. Hardy and outdoorsy, grapevine stands up well to the autumn elements and looks warm and inviting for guests and family alike. In addition to wreaths, grapevine garland can be formed into a woodsy pumpkin to nestle amongst the orange beauties on your front doorstep to welcome fall. And don’t forget to stuff them full of Christmas lights on Halloween to add to the eerie glow of the evening!

Things you need:
1 – Grapevine garland
Floral Wire
Wire cutters

Things to do:
1. Soak your grapevine in a tub of water for a few hours to soften it up. This will make it easier to work with.
2. Leaving a 6″ long tail out the top, bring the vine around into a loop and wrap wire tightly where the two layers meet. The tail will be the stem of the pumpkin.
3. Loop the vine around again, making approximately the same size loop, and secure with wire. Remember that some of the most interesting looking pumpkins are knobby and slightly uneven, so having your loops identical isn’t necessary.
4. Continue to loop and secure until you have reached the end of the vine, working the loops around to form a pumpkin shape.
5. Untwist or cut the small wires that hold the vine in bunches so that the strands of the vine can be spread out.
6. Use the small wires you just removed or short lengths of floral wire to pull strands of vine together to keep the vine evenly distributed around the pumpkin shape.
7. Wrap a sort length of wire around the stem to help keep the loose ends formed into shape.

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  1. Purchased grapevine like required for “grapevine pumpkin”. I got a roll of grapevine garland, but the directions call for vine that is wired and at the end of the directions you cut the wire. No where do the directions tell me to wire the vines. There is something missing in the directions or I was linked to the wrong type of grapevine. Not sure what the problem is. Please help!

    1. Oh, sorry about the confusion! In the directions, it means to cut the wire that is holding the grapevine together, not that the grapevine has wire in it (if that makes any sense). If your grapevine didn’t come with wire binding it all together, then just skip this step because there is nothing that needs to be cut. I hope this makes sense, if you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to write again. We would love to see a picture of your finished project too! Happy crafting!!