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How to Make a Felt Heart Chain Garland

Take a creative and different approach to making hearts and decorating for Valentine’s Day – this method of making a heart decor chain can be used to dress up doors, mantels, or strung on a wall as a pretty banner full of love!

Difficulty level: Intermdiate
Time required: 1 hour
Age range: 12+

Things you’ll need:
2 red felt sheets
Pink pom poms
Embroidery thread
Sewing machine
Needle with a larger eye

Things to do:
1. Cut two pieces of felt the length of the sheet, by 2-3″ wide.

2. Layer the two pieces on top of each other. Sew them together on one long edge, using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

3. Open up the pieces and draw lines an inch apart.

4. Fold the felt over so that the seam allowance is on the inside. Pin along the long side.

5. This is what the side view looks like – you can see the heart forming!

6. Sew along the side you’ve just pinned, using another 1/4″ seam allowance.

7. Cut the pieces out along the lines you drew.

8. Cut a length of embroidery thread and make a loop at one end for hanging. Thread your needle and insert it into the top of the heart and poke it out the bottom.

9. Push the needle through the felt and then through a pink pom pom.

10. Add another pink pom pom to the chain.

11. Continue with the remaining felt hearts and pom poms. Use just a few hearts for a simple door hanger, or make more for

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