How to Make a Doily Bowl

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 15 minutes, plus 24 hours for drying
Age range: 12 and up

Things you’ll need:
Bowl or other object to keep the balloon upright
Plastic wrap
Fabric stiffener
Foam brush

Things to do:
1. Blow up the balloon, then place it on a bowl or other object to keep the balloon upright.

2. Tear off a sheet of plastic wrap that’s just a bit larger than the doily. Place the doily on top of the plastic wrap sheet.

3. Using the fabric stiffener and foam brush, apply stiffener all over the doily. Be sure the entire surface is covered, especially the edges.

4. If you do not feel like the foam brush sufficiently covered the doily, you can add fabric stiffener straight from the bottle, then fold the plastic wrap and doily in half, using your fingers to apply the stiffener. (If you are not afraid of getting messy, you can also do this with your hands.)
5. Once the doily is completely covered in stiffener, place the doily on top of the balloon, placing the doily center right on the balloon center.

6. Use your fingers to pull the doily over the balloon, stretching the doily as you pull. Smooth out the entire doily to ensure there are no wrinkles, paying special attention to the edges. Allow the doily to dry for 24 hours.

7. When the doily is dry, carefully peel it away from the balloon. You can then deflate the balloon or use it for another project. Place objects in your new bowl.

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