How to Make a Christmas Ornament Out of a Styrofoam Ball – Kid’s Craft

styrofoam_ornamentThis is a easy step-by-step video demonstrating how to make a simple Christmas ornament out of basic craft supplies. For this Christmas ornament project you will need one Styrofoam ball (any desired size), tissue paper (any desired color… this video shows red and green for the holiday season), glitter (optional), liquid starch (you can find this in any laundry detergent aisle), a paint brush, mod podge, a safety pin, and some yarn.

1. Take your tissue paper and tear the tissue paper into small sections. You do not want them the same shape or size.
2. Take your paint brush and dip it into the liquid starch. Now brush your paint brush onto the Styrofoam ball .
3. Take a piece of tissue paper and lay it on the area of the Styrofoam ball that has the starch on it. You will then want to brush the liquid starch over the tissue paper that is on the Styrofoam ball to make sure that it does not fall off. Repeat this process until the entire Styrofoam ball is covered. Then let dry.
4. After your Styrofoam ball is dry, take you mod podge and lightly cover the entire Styrofoam ball . This will add a nice glossy finish and make it water resistant. While the Styrofoam ball is still wet you may add some glitter for that perfect touch.
5. Once your Styrofoam ball is dry, stick a safety pin in the top of the Styrofoam ball then loop a string of yarn through the top of the safety pin and tie the yarn ends. Then your Styrofoam ball ornament is finished and ready for hanging on the tree!

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  1. Did this project with 2nd graders last Christmas, and it came out beautifully- with some slight repairs made by the adults. We used the rough surfaced styrofoam. Question Can the smooth surface styrofoam balls be used? Someone donated several bags, but I was afraid the tissue would slide across the surface and make a mess.Ken ManuelFairfield, CA