Hot Crayon Gun

This is such a fun technique with lots of crafting applications. From making signs and banners to fun art, it’s a great way to use up old crayons in an interesting way. Its also an excellent way to make more detailed wax line for batik dying and would be a fun addition to a tie dye project!

Things you’ll need:
Crayons, paper removed
Mini hot glue gun
Fabric, paper, canvas, whatever you want to work on

Things to do:
1. Be sure to work on a covered surface and test the process on scrap paper first until you are familiar with how the wax comes out of your glue gun.
2. Remove any glue from the glue gun by pressing the trigger until it’s removed.

3. Insert a crayon where the glue stick would normally be and gently press the trigger. The way will come out much faster than the glue.
4. Gently depressing the trigger, write, draw or doodle away with your new crayon melter!

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  1. Great idea,, agree for adult only. These hot guns can burn pretty painful. And tip when you get hot glue on your finger dont remove when melted. Run under cold water and then remove.

    1. So having a cottage cheese carton or bowl of ice water within reach might be helpful in case of getting hot glue or crayon on your finger? You could just dip the finger in the ice water right away and stop the burn sooner?

      1. I think it is the perfect way to do it. It is what I do when using my glue gun. I think it would be great to enhance cards too. No clean-up necessary, and I assume I could sprinkle some glitters on the glue and it would stay there too. Oh the ideas I have now for using my hundreds of crayons. (my youngest granddaughter is now 9 year old and use pencil crayons only)… So theyre mine to do with as I please. I am so happy with this new crafting idea. Thank you.

  2. We tried this when my daughter was in 2nd grade for a project, it was lots of fun, we did a few journals for gifts 1year ago for her friends. definately need adult supervision, but so many neat ideas!

    1. I havent never tried laundering any of my projects before but that is a good question. I dont think either would work though. Running it through the wash would cause it to be brittle I would think and the dryer would heat up the wax again, causing it to melt. So I would recommend delicately hand washing your project if you must clean it.

    2. You need to put a stack of newsprint paper on both sides of material and melt it off with an iron after your done with your batik project. We did it in home ec. I use a small craft iron for wax and stuff. Do not use your good iron. Keep ironing over it with fresh paper to pull up the wax until you cant get anymore.

  3. Can you use regular glue sticks afterwards or will it always have a color residue? I think those smaller inexpensive glue guns use thinner gluesticks and I wouldnt want to ruin my bigger one. Thoughts?

    1. Try pushing a glue stick through afterwards and that should do the trick. Your first glue stick through will probably have a little bit of color residue on it though. If you are uncomfortable using a newer gun, we suggest using an old, retired glue gun just for this purpose or as you suggested, an inexpensive glue gun will work just as well! Happy crafting Patti!