Heart Punch Art

Show your love this Valentine’s Day with a flurry of hearts with this sweet project. A good sharp punch can cut two or three sheets of paper at a time which cuts down on prep time for this project a considerable amount.

Things you’ll need:
Square canvas
Lightweight cardstock in red
Glue stick
Heart shaped paper punch
Bone folder
Fine point marker

Things to do:
1. Cut a few dozen hearts from the paper, using the paper as economically as you can in order to get as many hearts as possible out of a page.
2. Lightly draw a line, both vertically and horizontally, though the middle of the canvas.
3. Spread glue evenly onto one heart and press it onto the canvas where the two lines meet.
4. Add hearts on either side of the first and on top and bottom, evenly spacing each.
5. Continue to add hearts in this manner until you have created a block a few inches smaller than the canvas. As you work, leave out four hearts from the grid.
6. Fold four hearts vertically in half, creating a sharp edge with the bone folder
7. Spread glue onto half of each of these hearts and press into the missing spots in the grid.
8. Behind each loose folded heart half, write the letters L-O-V and E.


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