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Hanging Santa Bell Ornament

Things you need:
3″ Paper Mache Clay Flower Pot
Natural Wool Beards and Dreads
1 – Burgundy Felt Square
1 – White Felt Square
1″ White Craft Pom Poms
Natural Botanical Mini Omorica Cones
Artificial Pine Branch Stem with Snow
Natural Jute Twine
Silver Jingle Bells
Valentine Pink Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Black Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
White Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Brown Oxide Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
English Lace Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint

Things to do:
1. First, paint your paper mache flower pot with the English lace. Let dry.
2. Cut a 14″ piece from the jute twine, make a loop at one end that is 3″and tie it off. Stick the other end of jute through the hole on the bottom of the pot. Have about 7″ sticking out at the top and the rest of the twine hanging out of the opening of pot. Take the burgundy felt square and cut out a triangle that is 5″ long and 8″ wide, this will make part of the hat. Take the white felt and cut a piece that is 8″long and 1/2″ wide. Wrap the burgundy piece of felt, that was cut, around the bottom of the pot with the jute twine in between. Have all the loop sticking out of the burgundy felt and then glue together. At the top of the hat, glue the end together with the jute twine so it doesn’t move. Take the strip of white felt and wrap around the bottom of the pot, for the trim of hat, glue in place.
3. Take the natural wool and wrap around the pot, leaving a area that is 2″ wide and 1-1/2″ long for the face. Cut a couple pieces of the left over wool that is 5″ long. Glue to the edge of the pot in front. Bring them all together and glue, take scissors and cut the beard so it in the shape of a triangle.
4. Paint the face of Santa in the opening on the pot. Then take one white pom pom and glue to the top of hat.
5. Cut two piece of jute twine that is about 32″ long, take both pieces at the middle and tie to the twine that is already hanging out of the pot. There will now be four jute twine’s that are hanging out of the opening of pot. Cut a little bit off a couple of the pieces of twine hanging out so they are not all the same length.
6. Lastly, grab the bells and tie two bells on two pieces of the twine and then three bells on the other two pieces of twine. Space them out as much as desired. After tying all bells on, take the pine branch stem with snow and cut a couple pieces of the pine off the branch, place and glue one on hat and some throughout the strains of twine hanging down. Then to top off the pine pieces of the branch and glue Ormorica cones along with them.

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