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Can’t think of anything to give dad this Father’s Day? Both my dad and my husband are notoriously hard to shop for so most years I help the kids make a little something handmade for the guys in my life. And this year they are getting some Handprint themed art. Here’s part one of that project!

Things you’ll need:
Acrylic Paint (two or more colors)
Foam brushes
White or light cardstock
Fine point pen
Little hands

Things to do:
1. Wash and dry those little hands. You’ll need two hands per heart. If you have two kids whose hands are close in size, use one from each (one right, one left) for one heart. Otherwise, one heart per child works best.
2. Spread a thin layer of paint on one hand and press it down on the paper at an angle, fingers together.
3. Allow the handprint to dry and then layer the other hand on top to form a heart.
4. Once both prints are dry, add a message, either around the heart or at the bottom and frame.

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  1. This would make a beautiful mothers day gift, or even a partner could do this with his own hands for valentines day. It is so sweet and simple.

  2. We did BBQ aprons this year! The dads got their own kids handprints, their wives added one big handprint. Grandpa has all the grandkids and his only daughter just had to add hers!!!

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