Handmade Soap – Fish in a Bag Soap

fish_a_bag_soapMaking handmade soap is a hobby for many people and is often argued to be healthier than industrial soaps. Making your own handmade soaps can leave your skin soft and healthier since the glycerin is kept in its natural form. Handmade soaps can be fun to make and the final product can also be fun for all ages. Remember the old games at the carnivals and county fairs where you could win a pet fish in a bag?! Well we are here to create those memories for you to make and share with your loved ones. These handmade soap fish in a bag make a perfect stocking stuffer, favor, or just to make for fun. This handmade soap will be sure to make bath time fun for the little ones… the more you shower and bathe the closer you get to your pet fish!

Things you need:
1lb Clear Glycerin Soap (this will make about 2 bags)
Plastic Fish
Poly Bag
Soap Expressions Fragrance Oil (optional- this may actually discolor your soap)
Spray Bottle of Rubbing Alcohol
Microwaveable Safe Container ( A measuring cup would be best because it has a pour spout and this will come in handy later)
Ribbon or Twist Ties

Things to do:
1. To begin making your handmade soap, cut your glycerin soap in half. Take one half of the soap and cut it into small chunks then place in your microwaveable container.
2. Microwave the clear soap in increments of 30 seconds until the soap is completely melted. Be sure to check for any remaining chunks of soap, if there are any stir and place in the microwave for another few seconds. If you wish to scent your soap, do so after the soap is all melted. Remember, we do not recommend this, as it may discolor your soap. But feel free to play around and experiment.
3. Here comes the tricky part… you should start pouring your liquid soap mixture into your poly bag, but be sure to not let the soap run down the sides of the poly bag. If the soap gets on the sides of the poly bag it will dry and harden that way, making it look less realistic. This is where a funnel can come in handy! Just simply place the funnel over the poly bag and carry pour your soap mixture into the bag. Try to fill your bag 1/4 of the way full with the soap mixture.
4. Take your spray bottle of rubbing alcohol and spray lightly into your poly bag of soap. This will remove any air bubbles in the soap. You can also skip this step if you prefer bubbles for your fishy in a bag. Place your bag between two objects so that your bag will stay upright while it cools down. To quicken the cooling process, you could try dipping your poly bag into a bowl full of ice water.
5. Once your soap has cooled down and has become more of a solid form. Gently place and position your plastic fish into the bag.
6. By this time the rest of your soap mixture in your microwaveable container has probably cooled and become a solid. So you will have to reheat in the microwave until it is a liquid again. Then pour the soap mixture into the poly bag another 1/4 of the way, making sure you cover your little fishy all the way. Be sure whatever you are using to hold the bag upright and steady is not pressing dents into your bag as it cools. Let the soap cool and become a solid.
7. Your soap is now ready to be closed up with a ribbon or twist tie of your choice. You could also think about making your own personalized tags to write a special message for your fish winner!

Project Notes:
The little ones are now ready to play with their fish in a bag. How do you use the soap? Just simply cut a small slit and tear the poly bag off of the soap. Now the little hands will be eager to play with the soap – asking to take a bath until they have reached their beloved pet fish!

This project does contain small a small toy and is a potential choking hazard. It is recommended that children under the age of 4 years old or any child that tends to put objects in their mouth should not use the soap.

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  1. A friend just gave me the link to this blog and I want to say thank you for the tutorial on the GF soap..I have the fish and the soap and the bags but just never got around to trying it…but now that I have the directions I will give it a go.
    I also have a link in your blog on my side bar for others to see…hope that is O K 🙂

    1. This is one the cutest soap project Ive seen, seriously love it! I hope yours go well. We would love to see pictures! Thank you so much for linking our blog. That’s very nice of you. What is your blog? I would love to look at it!
      Thanks so much,

  2. Thanks for sharing. Making handmade soap sounds fun. I only have some poly bags now and will need to get other stuff to make some soaps this weekend.

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