Handcrafted Pinatas Transform any Party into a Real Bash

Planning a party and drawing a blank when coming up with fun activities? Why not add a pinata to your party line-up? Sure to bring your guests to their feet, a pinata will transform any ordinary party into a memorable bash. With a few basic supplies and a treasure trove of trinkets and sweets, it’s easy to create a pinata that’s worthy of any celebration.

Things you need:
Large bowl
Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Crepe Paper Streamers
14″ balloon
Cooking spray or vegetable oil
Fun fillers such as candy or trinkets

Things to do:
1. Cut newspaper into 1″ by 6″ strips. Make paper mache paste by mixing one part flour with 2 parts water, blending until you have a glue-like consistency. (Tip: Add a teaspoon of salt to prevent mold.)
2. Blow up the balloon and coat with a light layer of cooking spray or vegetable oil.
3. Dip newspaper strips one at a time into the paper mache glue, sliding strips between fingers to remove excess. Apply strips to the balloon one at a time, slightly overlapping, leaving an opening at the top. Dry thoroughly and repeat this process two more times for a total of three layers.
4. Dry overnight, and then pop the balloon.
5. Punch holes near the opening and thread through a cord for hanging.
6. Now comes the fun part! Decorate your pinata with paints, crepe paper streamers, or anything else you can think up.
7. Fill with trinkets and let the party begin!

Here are a few fun pinata decorating ideas:
Animals (empty toilet paper tubes make great pinata legs!)
Rival team’s mascot
Faces of unsavory characters, such as villains or politicians

Pinatas are fun for the young, and the young at heart! For an adult pinata, fill with gum, scratch-off lottery tickets, lip balm, batteries, gas gift cards, key chains, one-shot bottles of liquor (make sure the bottles are plastic!), or gag gifts. Enjoy the festivities!

Photo Credits: Flickr

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  1. Hi,I would like to know the detailed instructions on Lion pinata as i am finding it difficlut to make one. If you can pls share the idea behind it i would be grateful to you.ThanksRitu

  2. Please I would like to know how you did the body part. The head and the legs are ok to for lion Piatas . but I still dont know how to make the body. maybe a paper bag technique would be fine. Thanks.