Halloween Paper Mache Box Set

Things you need:
Round Paper Mache Box Set
Black Organza Ribbon
Green Clover Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Ivory Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Harvest Orange Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint

Periwinkle Blue Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Black Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint

Things to do:
1. First off, grab the bottoms of the boxes and paint them with the ivory paint, let dry. Then for the tops of the of the boxes paint them with the green clover paint, let dry.
2. After the bottoms of the boxes have dried, take the periwinkle blue paint and draw lines around the middle of each bottom. Draw lines vertically down and leave about a 1-1/2″ space apart.
3. Using the orange paint, paint two vertical lines between the lines of the periwinkle lines on each bottom. Let dry. Lastly, use the green paint, draw lines vertically and horizontal. Two line going around the bottoms of the boxes and one line going between the orange lines.
4. Take the tops of the boxes, and paint four bats along each of the tops, leave about 2″ between each bat on the two biggest tops and 1-1/2″ on the smallest. Between each bat, paint black lines and using the orange paint, paint pumpkins between the lines. Take the black paint and draw faces to all the bats and the pumpkins.
5. On the smallest box top, paint a pumpkin and a bat on top and using the black paint, paint a dotted line against the edge on top of the smallest top. After all the paint is dry, glue the lips to the boxes and glue each box on top of each other.
6. Using the black sheer organdy ribbon, cut two pieces that are about 3′-4′ long. Cross the two ribbons on a table and set the box set on top of the ribbons and bring each piece of ribbon up and tie a bow at the top.

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